Police scour for details leading up to Utah student slaying

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Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown and University of Utah police did not have details Tuesday about how Boutain encountered Guo and later evaded hundreds of officers who swarmed the campus after the shooting.

Authorities believe 24-year-old Austin Boutain shot a 23-year-old man by the entrance to Red Butte Canyon in Salt Lake City after attempting to hijack his vehicle.

He was wanted in the death of ChenWei Guo, a student from China who was found shot to death in his auto in a rugged canyon near the University of Utah campus.

The City of Golden spokeswoman Karlyn Tilley said investigators are not sure how Ingle and the Boutains are related.

Friends say the 23-year-old often could be found trekking canyons around Salt Lake City, like the one where his body was found Monday night.

Authorities now believe Boutain may be also be connected to a murder in Colorado.

The University of Utah campus is eerily quiet this Halloween day.

Rachel Tam of Pleasant Grove, Utah, said Tuesday that Guo was a member of the Mormon church and served as a missionary in Provo.

The university advised those on campus to shelter in place and issued a campus alert Monday about 9 p.m.

ChenWei Guo came to the USA from China, joined the Mormon church at 16 and later chose to study computer science at the University of Utah.

According to police, Kathleen Boutain arrived on the University of Utah campus Monday night claiming her husband had assaulted her as they camped in Red Butte Canyon, also in the foothills east of campus.