Changing domains won't give you country specific Google search results

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It sounds a bit troublesome if you want to see localized results for another country while you're still home, but you can always switch to another location.

"Google wants to stop the practice of manually entering the top-level domain to get a country's services", according to a report in 9to5google. Country service will be displayed at the bottom of the search results page. Now, your location dictates the kind of results you'll get - you could go to, for instance, but if you're in New Zealand, you'll still get search results tailored for your current whereabouts.

Google says that the change was made because of the importance of location related searches these days, which now account for one in five searches.

However, Verge reports that it is will possible to escape your country's results by changing locations.

Overall, the motive of Google here is providing the best services to it's users.

But it's not some hard and fast rule, you can visit search settings to pick the country of your choice.

The update has been implemented for Google Search on the desktop and mobile, Google Search iOS app, and Google Maps. The search results will correspond to your location.

"It's important to note that while this update will change the way Google Search and Maps services are labeled, it won't affect the way these products work, nor will it change how we handle obligations under national law".

In other words, if someone is in Los Angeles and uses to try to get UK-based local results, they'll still get results relevant to L.A. Google explains that it has a somewhat good reason for making this change, but fortunately there's still a way for users to get results based on another location.