Not at home? Amazon wants to come in and drop off packages

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Amazon unveiled a new service today that will let its couriers deliver boxes inside your home when you're not around.

In a move aimed at protecting packages from would-be thieves, Amazon is rolling out a security camera/smart lock bundle that would allow deliveries to be left inside the home. The kit comes with an Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) and an Amazon Key-compatible smart lock provided by Kwiskset or Yale.

Amazon says the delivery drivers are "thoroughly vetted". Check out some reactions from Twitter users about Amazon Key.

The service, which allows customers to "grant home access to the people they trust", will launch in one month.

Amazon Key kits became available Wednesday on the company's website for pre-order.

Here's how it works: If you select the option for "in-home delivery" when ordering your package, a delivery driver will be able to enter your home even when you're not there and drop off your package.

When the delivery person arrives, the app sends the customer another note saying the delivery person is at the door.

Amazon says customers should not worry about the safety of their home.

Home Alone's Kevin would have a field day with this, wouldn't he?

This service is not just for package delivery. $249 is a reasonable price for a 1080p smart home security camera with night vision and the accompanying smart lock (which includes a keypad and traditional keyhole).

Amazon Key, releasing November 8 in 37 cities and surrounding areas across the United States, starts at about $250. Amazon emphasizes that its workers are not allowed to enter a home.

But Amazon seems to be hoping that you won't give privacy a second thought here.