GameCube controller support on Switch now a reality

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Another feature that has been added to the app is the ability to capture video.

The folks at GameXplain (via Kotaku) noticed the sudden GameCube controller compatibility, which allows for the GameCube controller adapter that was issued for the Wii U to work on the Switch.

Those wily devils over at Nintendo have just given Switch owners something brilliant with no hype or build-up: the recently released Update 4.00 now introduces Gamecube controller support for the Nintendo Switch. The big new feature was the ability to transfer save game and profile data from one Switch to another, but it was far from ideal. The pad will be recognized as a wired USB pad.

Since Nintendo made the Switch compatible with GameCube and didn't release the information, could this mean they're planning something to utilize the controllers? You'll be able to pair them up through the settings menu as well as by using the L and R buttons. Until then, enjoy trying to wrestle with the GameCube controller's weird button placement during your Splatoon 2 sessions.

Getting the GameCube controller to work is easy.

The surprise controller addition will be welcome news for the many longtime Nintendo fans who think Nintendo never really improved on the oddly shaped GameCube controller design and for those who want to use bigger analog sticks on the system without having to invest in the Switch Pro Controller. It also makes it very hard to come back to the home screen menu on the Switch console but if you are really keen on going all retro, this should hardly pose a problem. Additionally, the "Match Version with Local Users" now updates everyone's games to their latest versions, which is useful for people that have multiple profiles installed on one system.