Google Adds Antivirus Feature For Chrome Web Browser On Windows PC

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So Google made a decision to go a step further and teamed up with a cybersecurity company to add anti-malware features directly into Chrome for Windows. It shows an alert when the browser detects unwanted software and offers a way to remove it. Chrome users have previously been able to use the standalone Chrome Cleanup Tool to remove harmful software. It has a new function to combat with malicious code. By default, a simple dialog will ask you if you want to remove harmful software from your computer without showing you any details about all the programs that are being removed. The new tool does not replace any general-purpose antivirus, and instead, uses a detection engine developed by IT security company ESET for Chrome's sandbox, with the aim of delivering a safer browsing experience. "Over the next few days, it will help tens of millions of Chrome users get back to a cleaner, safer web".

"We can now detect and remove more unwanted software than ever before, meaning more people can benefit from Chrome Cleanup", explains Philippe Rivard, product manager, Chrome Cleanup, in a blog post. But some extensions may change your settings without you even realizing it.

Chrome already has tools to help people avoid unwanted software.

Google's Chrome Cleanup tool will warn users of warmful software that's installed in their Windows PCs. At first glance, there are numerous references to the Google Assistant and its native functions that will soon grace Chromebooks and likely the Chrome browser in general.

In case users accidentally dismiss the notification popups or an extension has hijacked multiple settings at once, Google has also added the ability to access one settings section page and reset the entire user profile with one click. As per the data provided by Statcounter for the month of September, Chrome has dominated the market with a share of 55.68 percent, over 41 percent more than the share of Apple's Safari that comes second with 14.22 percent market.

The company has also redesigned its Chrome Cleanup tool. Also, only selected parts of OS are being scanned as compared to full a blown security solution. It only removes that falls under Google's Unwanted Software Policy.