Amazon announces independent teen accounts (with parental oversight)

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Once received, the parent confirms which payment method and shipping address will be used for teens' orders.

Amazon launched Households in 2015 in order to install more control over the ways people were sharing their Prime accounts with friends and family, and this is an evolution of that move.

By the time they're 13 to 17, they're advanced enough internet users that keeping them out of their Amazon accounts in probably the least of parents' concerns-does Amazon have any suggestions for keeping teens from ordering drugs on the dark web? But for parents who don't want to review everything in advance, the option to set pre-approved spending limits is available, too. Once a teen receives an invitation, they can create their own username and password. "Amazon is offering a great solution for teens to shop with their own login", said FOSI Founder and CEO Stephen Balkam. When they find something they want to buy, that item is sent to the parent for approval via text or email. Signing up takes moments for both teens and parents. They can shop online, stream videos and tap into the perks of their parents' Prime memberships. Teens can also input a reason they need an item. Once the order is placed, parents can see an itemized invoice and are able to cancel and return items, according to's normal terms.

This codifies a process that was already taking place unofficially: For as long as it's been possible to buy things online, kids have logged into their parents' accounts to do so.

That means Amazon would then be tapping into the pocket money teens may have on hand from their part-time jobs, babysitting money, allowances and the like.