Trump refutes NBC story, suggests challenging its broadcasting license

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In his tweet earlier in the day Trump raised the possibility of the broadcast licenses of NBC and other networks being challenged.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday dismissed a report that said he wants to increase the country's nuclear stockpile by a factor of ten, accusing the press of making it up entirely.

NBC early Wednesday reported Trump queried US military officials over the possibility of increasing the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile by tenfold during a summer meeting. We've all grown quite accustomed to Trump's posturing, but that doesn't make his antics any easier to defend.

"The president's threat against NBC and other media outlets is far from empty", Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) said in a statement released today.

According to the network, Mr Trump had been shown a slide that showed the steady reduction of U.S. nukes since the late sixties, in line with post-cold war treaties.

"General Mattis put out a statement, or is putting out a statement, saying that was fake news, that it was just mentioned that way", he said.

The report comes as Trump is preparing for an 11-day trip to Asia, where he will seek to bolster global support to pressure North Korea to curb its nuclear and ballistic missile weapons testing.

According to NBC, Trump's comments surprised officials - including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was overheard calling Trump a "moron" shortly after the meeting adjourned.

"Recent reports that the president called for an increase in the USA nuclear arsenal are absolutely false", Pentagon chief Jim Mattis said in a statement.

The president has always been a critic of the media's coverage of him, often referring to stories about him as "fake news".

Noting that Trump greatly benefits from a free press, the Reliable Sources host explained that Trump tends to rip "fake news" when the White House is underperforming.

In February, Trump said he was going to build up the USA nuclear arsenal to ensure it is at the "top of the pack", and said the US has fallen behind in its atomic weapons capacity. "Believe me. Because I know what we have right now", Trump said. Trump said he wanted to have that same number now, NBC reported.

Indeed, Trump's threat seems rather hard to carry out given the Federal Communications Commission does not directly license networks.

In the same interview, Conway apologized for a bit of fake news she created on her own: The "Bowling Green massacre", a nonexistent terror attack Conway used as justification for Trump's travel bans.