First Lady Snaps at 'First Lady' in Presidential Ex-Wife Beef

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President Donald Trump's first wife, Ivana Trump, called herself "first lady" in an interview Monday ahead of the release of her memoir, "Raising Trump".

Her youngsters likewise contribute sections to the book, and Ivana Trump muses that her previous spouse may not be the main Trump to call the White House home.

Two weeks ago, the first lady heard from experts and people affected by drug addiction whom she invited there for a discussion.

Watching her children during the campaign inspired her to write her new book, "Raising Trump," she said.

"There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex, this is unfortunately only attention-seeking and self-serving noise", the First Lady's statement concluded.

Donald Trump's ex wife spoke to ABC's "Good Morning America" on Monday and got territorial. Maples and Trump had an affair while he was still married to Ivana, leading to their 1992 divorce after 15 years of marriage. Donald even paid for the meals and arranged for Ivana to be transported back to her hotel the first time they met.

She added that because she was the president's first wife, she is, in fact, the real first lady.

And Ivana Trump is to blame. "Well, I don't want to talk about a showgirl", she replied.

"She wants to look, out of respect for the White House, wants to look good leaving the front entrance to the White House".

Ivana Trump also said she still talks to her ex-husband weekly and has encouraged him in his Twitter habits. "I don't mind immigrants and the wall because you have to protect your borders", she said.

The First Lady issued a glaring statement blasting the first Mrs. Trump.

"The more comfortable she becomes in the position, the more great work she's going to be able to do", said Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide.

She also told CBS that the President offered her the ambassadorship to her native Czech Republic, but turned it down to preserve her "perfect life". Absolutely", she said. "Can I give the speech for 45 minutes without [a] teleprompter?

"But I like my freedom. why would I go and say bye-bye to Miami in the winter, bye-bye to Saint-Tropez in the summer, and bye-by to spring and fall in NY?"