Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Coming Early 2018

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Capcom revealed the new version of Street Fighter 5 today, promising fixes for numerous game's most-bemoaned oversights (namely, the eponymous addition of an actual Arcade Mode). If you've been spectating from the sidelines or are waiting for a reason to join the fight, now is the time!

Amazon has Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition listed for release on January 16th, 2018. Completing four challenges in one month will also net you a sweet premium outfit exclusive to that mode, so there's plenty of incentive to get involved.

Alongside the new arcade mode, this new edition of the game adds several special edition nicities (including a gallery of illustrations and slightly improved user interface) as well as some more substantial additions. It means the player base won't be segregated between Vanilla SF V players and Arcade Edition players, which was the case with Street Fighter IV. However, the leak happened when a hard-core fan named X-Kira mined data from the game's codes, which revealed a lot of information about the upcoming DLC for "Street Fighter V". It bundles up the main game with all the DLC that has been (or will have been) released by next year, and adds a few new features for good measure. "Choose from six different paths themed after classic Street Fighter games", the mode's description reads. It will be $39.99 for people who purchase it, while people who already own Street Fighter V will receive all of its new content as a free in-game update. Releasing multiple different versions of the same game is a move that fighting fans became very exhausted of, and when Capcom announced that there would only be one version of Street Fighter 5 it was met with universal praise.

Thank you for supporting Street Fighter V! And the game just lacked a variety of modes in general.