Samsung HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset Launched for $499

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Now Microsoft has confirmed the headset indirectly before the official launch date. The Redmonder group had put the base of the new headset online, although it should have been online before the event started.

By contrast, Samsung's more basic Gear VR - which works with some of its smartphones - had sold more than eight million units, according to the same market research. This is an incredible product and another important step for the mixed reality journey we are on at Microsoft. Most of the other mixed reality headsets are going with Microsoft's reference specs and LCD screens, which don't refresh quite as fast as the AMOLED displays that Samsung is using here. Additionally, Microsoft is teaming with Steam to bring VR games to Windows Mixed Reality headsets by the holidays. Keep in mind Microsoft's mixed reality platform is a mix between augmented reality and virtual reality. The headset also features integrated AKG headphones with support for 360-degree spatial audio, giving it another leg up on the competition. "You'll see several iconic characters in mixed reality for the first time".

Samsung (OTC:SSNNF, OTC:SSNLF) announces its Windows Mixed Reality headset called the HMD Odyssey, which will mark the first of the company's VR headsets to run on Microsoft's system. There's also inside-out tracking and a built-in microphone, which should add to the immersion, though we won't know just how well until we go hands on with the device.

Microsoft announced the acquisition during its Windows Mixed Reality strategy/showcase event in San Francisco on October 3. However, the arguably biggest news is that the platform will arrive with its own entry in the Halo franchise: Halo: Recruit. The Odyssey is Samsung's play at the premium category, and it has a price tag to match-$499, same as the Rift. The two controllers and two cameras on the headset will be able to track movement with six degrees of freedom (XYZ linear, yaw, pitch and roll). The Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset is the lowest at $299, followed by the Dell Visor and Lenovo Explorer at $349 apiece, and then the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset priced at $450 including motion controllers.