SNES Classic Stock Updates For September 30

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Last year, Nintendo (ntdoy) premiered the NES Classic Edition, a miniature version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System that included classic games from the company's original video game console from the 1980s.

The NES Classic and SNES Classic feature identical controller ports - it happens to be the same port that the Wii used - and we can confirm that the two consoles' throwback gamepads are interchangeable.

Donkey Kong COuntry Super NES Classic Edition Nintendo

It doesn't come to any surprise at all that Nintendo would follow up their highly successful Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, otherwise known as the NES Mini, with a SNES edition. And it comes pre-installed with 21 classic games including: The Legend of Zelda; Contra III Alien Wars; Donkey King Country, and Kirby Super Star. But whether you'll be able to find it in stores is unclear. (You'll need to play the first level of the original "Star Fox" game to unlock the sequel). The games hold up, and that couldn't be more true with the Super NES Classic Edition.

Your best chance of getting a SNES Classic on launch day is by going to brick-and-mortar store and taking one to the checkout counter. And each game has four "suspend" points, allowing players to save a game midlevel - unlike in the original system, which forced you to rush to finish a level because your mother was calling you to dinner. Unlike the NES Classic, which was pretty much never restocked (even if Nintendo claims another round is coming eventually), this one is supposed to be more readily available.

There are a few Walmart stores that are reported in inventory tracking services (see below) to have SNES Classic in stock.

The process of extracting the Star Fox 2 ROM may not have been that hard, as the SNES Classic and the NES Classic use the same type of internal hardware, with only the shell and software differing.

The SNES Classic is sold at the following stores online. This is still a limited-edition system, and if you haven't gotten your hands on one by now, you might be waiting for the next shipment.