Meet the new member of the Amazon Echo family: Echo Spot

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TechCrunch says that its other sources indicate Google is working on a device with a larger screen created to go toe-to-toe with full-sized televisions, though recent efforts have been focused on the company's Manhattan project.

There is also a smaller version available for the Echo Plus which is nearly half the size of the original and you can get one for yourself now for about $99. The new Amazon Echo Plus will work on over 100 smart products out of the box which is a good thing.

Fitted with Amazon's second-generation far-field microphones, the Echo Plus comes with Dolby surround sound for a better experience. Specifically, this feature exposes new directives that instruct the device-side client to display visual indicators (an LED) and play audio when a notification is available. Whatever Google is planning, the company now needs to act quickly since Amazon has already expanded its lineup of Echo devices with the recent announcement of the Echo Spot, Echo Plus and the new Echo Buttons.

Amazon announced a slew of new products on Wednesday, including new Echo devices that house Amazon's smart voice-activated assistant Alexa, as well as some nifty new features. Or use Echo Spot in the kitchen to easily set and view timers, call friends and family, see shopping and to do lists, and more. This is actually a bit odd since it lets you call yourself with your own phone number from an Echo. The price of the device is yet to be exactly known. Apparently Google was hoping to incorporate the tech into something more akin to a full size television, but the reality of needing to keep up with Amazon in the market for home-based devices forced them to go for something much less radical.

Amazon has previously stated that it sells Alexa-powered devices for near to the cost to produce them, as its main goal is to drive sales via its retail platform. Google's project to produce a similar piece of hardware is code-named Manhattan and sources indicate there is considerable pressure on the team to release it to market before the end of 2017.

Google's plan to develop and launch its own Amazon Echo Show competitor also seems to shed some light on what transpired earlier this week.