Kent's Henry Bolton becomes latest Ukip leader

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The new leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) will be announced on Friday amid fears the fractured movement could collapse entirely.

Although this might not sound like the typical credentials of a Ukip politician, Bolton is respected within the party - winning multiple endorsements from the party's MEPs during the course of the leadership campaign.

She tweeted: "Today: Jihad - 1 Truth - 0".

     BYE EU Bolton has said the UK is leaving because it
AFP BYE EU Bolton has said the UK is leaving because it"wants to be responsible for own destiny

"I read her manifesto on her website".

Bolton, an ex-soldier, won 30% of the vote, seeing off Anne Marie Waters's challenge.

It stood candidates at the 1997 election, but was overshadowed by James Goldsmith's Referendum Party, which beat it in all but two seats contested by both parties.

Bolton is expected to give his first major speech at a party conference on Saturday in Torquay, an English coastal town 215 miles (345 kilometers) southwest of London. You are the party, not me.

"I would call on all of you, whether you voted for me or not, to please rally around the party and be united because without being united, we can not lead and hold the government to account and achieve our core objective".

UKIP should not become a one-issue party centred around Islam, the party's leader in the Welsh Assembly Neil Hamilton has said.

IT WAS an unappetising choice: a leader barely known even in Westminster or one who spends her time campaigning against the threat posed by sharia, and who calls Islam "evil". Instead, somewhat surprisingly, the party members went for a former Liberal Democrat. BBC political correspondent Ben Wright said Mr Bolton would be seen as the continuity candidate.

"I think that will grow as a natural outcome of the devolution settlement".

A banner was superimposed with an image of Mr Farage posing as Adolf Hitler with the European Union logo in the background. Bolton reportedly said he was "fine" with the new design. It's about full face covering.

He added that his own personal opinion is if anything is making it hard to identify an individual on the streets, it is "something that we need to address".