Taylor Swift Gives Too Sexy' Credits For New Single

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Plenty of reviews and think pieces have already been written about "Look What You Made Me Do", theorizing about what meanings are carried by the snake ring or the golden bird cage, but the lyrics leave us with one burning question: what exactly did Swift do?

At the moment, Swift is getting praise for her new song "Look what you made me do".

But then again, she tends to begin each new album campaign with a curveball track, so I'll be judging whether the old Taylor is "dead" or not after her next song is released.

The video opens in a graveyard, zooming in on a tombstone engraved with "Here Lies Taylor Swift's Reputation".

Months later, West's wife Kim Kardashian leaked footage of a phone conversation between West and Swift that seemed to show Swift agreeing to lyrics about her.

Honestly, can you really blame Kim for changing her tune, especially after everything that went down between Taylor and Kanye? By showing rows of identical women with this model look in the video, Swift references how the media perceives her friends as clones.

Judging by the current relationship status of the duo, it is hard to gulp down the fact that reality star was an avid listener of Taylor Swift songs and considered herself as her number one fan. "I made that b***h famous". "They like what she does and are very pleased with Taylor's interpolation". Kanye's lyrics mentioned Swift in the song, and after it was released, Swift claimed to have no idea she was being included in the lyrics and said they were offensive.