People dance against hate in San Francisco ahead of rallies

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A rally that some are calling a gathering of right-wing supporters this weekend in San Francisco could have attendees watching their every step.

"I ask our public and our residents of the San Francisco Bay Area to honor our request to not dignify people who are coming in here under the guise of patriot and prayer words to really preach violence and hatred and to incite violence", Lee, who is also Asian, said at a press conference on Tuesday after the National Park Service issued a permit for the protest, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

Across the bay in Berkeley, officials are preparing for an event being called "No to Marxism in America" at the Martin Luther King Jr.

Gibson suggested that the San Francisco leaders should instead calm the city down.

A shit storm awaits a bunch of far-right protestors when they convene in San Francisco this weekend - locals are storing up their doggy do-do and plan to distribute it in the area the protestors are holding the rally.

The 2 p.m. rally, which local leaders have described as a "white nationalist" event but organizers say is intended simply to promote free speech, was signed off on by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Joey Gibson is the man behind Patriot Prayer (which he says is an "ideology" more than a group).

"It's not just skin color or gender, I'm talking about tolerance of speech", said Gibson, who is Japanese-American.

People avoiding Saturday's right-wing "Patriot Prayer" rally at Crissy Field or counter-protests elsewhere might still be inconvenienced by the events, as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency says they'll be pre-emptively disrupting bus service, closing the cable auto and historic streetcar lines, and even closing some roads to vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

A Facebook page encourages protesters to let their dogs loose Friday and Saturday morning at the park near the Golden Gate Bridge and not pick up after them.

City and park officials released a list of items that attendees will not be allowed to bring in during Saturday's rally and that attendees will get screened at security checkpoints.

A Facebook event page for "Leave your dog poop on Crissy Field", which encouraged people to "Take your dog to Crissy Field and let them do their business and be sure not to clean it up!" had drawn almost a thousand attendees as of Thursday afternoon - and plenty of pushback.

Left-wing counter-protesters are planning a march to Crissy Field.

However, city officials denied that group a permit, putting the event in jeopardy.

Sunday's event - billed as "No to Marxism" - will take place near the University of California at Berkeley. The Berkeley City Council has expanded the authority of police to confiscate eggs, sticks and other perceived weapons, a position defended by Berkeley's mayor despite the politically liberal city's reputation as the birthplace of the free speech movement and a bastion of tolerance. You want a brawl, violent provocation.

The college has been a flashpoint between right and left since the election of US President Donald Trump.