Hong Kong Port Shuts For Typhoon Hato

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Rescuers have searched submerged cars for trapped people in the former Portuguese territory, while emergency services scrambled to respond to crisis calls. "In facing this disaster, we admit we have not done enough, there is space for improvement", he said, adding that the city's meteorological bureau chief had resigned.

Many residents and tourists complained that the government was woefully unprepared for Typhoon Hato and its destructive winds of more than 200kmph. Some casinos shut down while others were relying on back-up generators.

One civil servant said: "The city looks like it was just in a war".

More than 120 people were injured, but the city has not suffered any death, which owed much to the prudent, the degree of planning and the long experience of authorities in the matter.

Transportation remained in chaos, with damage to both of Macau's ferry terminals and roads crammed with traffic.

Hato on Wednesday hit the nearby financial hub of Hong Kong, uprooting trees, flooding streets, forcing hundreds of airline flights to be canceled and halting financial trading. It is expected to weaken further as it moves inland over China.

As Hong Kong cleaned up after the trail of wreckage left behind by Typhoon Hato on Wednesday, one unlikely resident was spotted lending a helping hand and clearing fallen tree branches by the side of a road - movie star Chow Yun-fat.

Hong Kong people's mentality was that "under "one country two systems", we should avoid the scene as much as we can for fear of encouraging Beijing's interference". According to Xinhua, nearly 2 million households lost power temporarily while fishing boats were called back to port with train services and flights suspended. "Hato is the strongest typhoon in 53 years and has brought tremendous damage to Macau", Chui told reporters.

Civic Party leader Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu said the lesson for the Hong Kong government was to review the typhoon prevention and response procedures, to make sure it could handle any future natural disasters on its own.