Psyonix Reveals Exclusive Battle-Cars for Switch Version of Rocket League

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All of these items will come free to players on the Switch. Whether or not players use the Mario or Luigi NSR will depend on which team color they select before the match - Mario for the Orange team and Luigi for the Blue team.

On Wednesday, Rocket League - the popular soccer with cars video game that's become one of the most popular multiplayer games - announced it was bringing Super Mario and Metroid cars to the game.

The first of these new Battle-Cars are named Mario NSR and Luigi NSR (no prizes for guessing who they are named after).

Both cars will have their own unique trails, and will be available only on the Nintendo Switch- as happens with console exclusive content in this game, if you are playing with an Xbox One or PC player (because the Switch version will offer cross platform play), they will see a generic auto instead. Holiday 2017 is what we have been given so we're likely looking at a November or December release. You can check out all of these cars in action in the trailer below.

Hold on to your butts, Rocket League's Nintendo Switch port is getting vehicles from classic games.

Unlockable for free when the game launches, you'll be able to duke it out in a Mario NSR, a Luigi NSR and a vehicle styled after Samus' Gunship from the Metroid games.