Dwyane Wade Reportedly Expected To Join LeBron In Cleveland

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Wade's kids attended school in Chicago previous year. More specifically, Dwyane Wade's "eyes". For starters, Wade has always kept a house in Miami, and it's quite possible his sons simply missed the area where they were raised. Connecting the dots is easy: Miami and Cleveland make the most sense.

Dwyane Wade won't be with the Chicago Bulls for long, at least that's what those close to LeBron James are saying.

And so the speculation of Wade returning to Miami-where he spent the first 13 seasons of his career and won three National Basketball Association titles-grows.

"People close to James are fairly confident that, at some point this year, Dwyane Wade is going to end up on the Cavs", Vardon told co-host Chris Fedor . However, NBC Sports' Dan Feldman suggests the Bulls could hang on to Wade until the trade deadline passes, in hopes of moving his $23.8 million expiring contract.

A Heat reunion in South Beach is enticing and would tie a nice bow on Wade's Hall-of-Fame career in the place where he played 13 seasons - there's also still a key waiting for Wade under the mat at American Airlines Arena.

"Obviously this is something that D-Wade helped build", Whiteside added, "so obviously this city and us as a team being able to have somebody like that on our team would be awesome". Likewise, Wade shouldn't be expected to give up and cash to facilitate a buyout. Miami is set in the backcourt, with Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters developing a chemistry last season that never materialized between Dragic and Wade. In late April, Wade said he'd keep an open mind about coming off the bench.

The Nuggets offense is so that if they were to incorporate a high-touch player like Wade, they'd need him to be someone who can fit seamlessly into their flow.

But with the Nuggets, Wade would team with Millsap to form a playoff tested and veteran duo that can carry a younger core to a potential second-round postseason series.