Apple Adds a 'Cop' Button that Temporarily Disables the Touch ID

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iOS 11 has a new safety feature that could help when your back's against the wall.

In the event someone is asked to unlock their iPhone, all they have to do is press the sleep/wake button five times quickly, enabling a secret security feature that won't unlock your phone until a passcode is entered, thus negating the shortcomings of only being secured by a fingerprint.

The new feature that allows you to disable the TouchID is a great touch especially when you are concerned that someone might force you to unlock the phone. This involved waiting days for the phone to prompt you for a passcode, if purposefully locking the phone out with a bad fingerprint, or going through the settings process of disabling it. Probably one of the most interesting new features brought by the iOS 11 will be the SOS.

But it has been discovered - and verified by IBTimes UK- that opening this screen then cancelling it disables Touch ID. Users also have the option to simply completely turn it off and just use traditional numeric or alphanumeric passwords.

Files, another new app coming with iOS 11, will provide a single location for accessing all of a user's files and folders, whether they're located on the iPad itself or stored in the cloud.

Accessing the contents of an iPhone has been a huge issue in law enforcement and criminal investigations.

Apple, last year, was embroiled in a controversy when it was asked by the USA government to unlock the iPhone 5c of an accused terrorist. The police, in many cases, have legal means at their disposal to access locked devices. Given the usability concerns and challenges with Apple Pay that we discussed in a note on July 9, we see a negative impact for the upcoming iPhone cycle in terms of mix and units.

Apple's iOS 11 is now available as beta, and it's likely to be released in September. Apple has never been afraid to change things in its devices, software, and operating systems. There's also a beta version of the iOS 11 that's available to the public, but users are warned that it may still be full of bugs and glitches.

In addition to that, iOS 11 will add LED support for the Portrait mode, and compress images with a new technology that will essentially lock the quality of the image, but at half the file size.

Here's how it works: Pressing the lock button five times in quick succession brings up the familiar "slide to power off" command, but also an "Emergency SOS" slider, which can be used to quickly call the emergency services, even on a locked iPhone not belonging to you.