Consumer Reports stops recommending Microsoft's 'unreliable' Surface lineup

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Consumer Reports has announced it's pulling its recommendations on four Surface systems due to extremely high failure rates.

Microsoft's new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro may well prove to be reliable in the future, proving that Microsoft has solved its reliability issue as I believe they have.

Consumer Reports surveyed owners of about 90,000 tablets and laptops purchased new between 2014 and the first quarter of 2017.

The breakage rate for Microsoft Corp's Surface devices is significantly worse than for other manufacturers' laptops and tablets, Consumer Reports said, adding that it was removing its "recommended" designation for Surface products. The company's best bet would likely be to mass survey its customers itself and counter with its own findings if they happen to be any better.

At the heart of the issue is "poor predicted reliability" according to Consumer Reports, which says it has concerns as to how the Microsoft notebooks and tablets will hold up in comparison to rival hardware. The differences were statistically significant, which is why Microsoft doesn't meet CR's standards for recommended products.

But the biggest threat to Surface devices has been the problems faced by some consumers like freezes, a particular hardware not responding, touch issues etc as these issues affect the reliability.

Consumer Reports said that responses to its annual survey revealed that consumers weren't pleased with their Microsoft products during the lifetime of ownership. "Microsoft's real-world return and support rates for past models differ significantly from Consumer Reports' breakage predictability", a spokesperson said.

Microsoft Surface has been an industry redefining product since its inception.

I'm still waiting on the original report from Consumer Reports.

"We've found that reliability is a major factor for consumers deciding on what tablet or laptop to buy", Simon Slater, the magazine's survey manager, said in a statement.

Also, we all know that the Surface line has earned its licks for all of the above listed issues - not that we personally have experienced many during our time reviewing Surface products and since.