First West Nile mosquito found in Rock Island County

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The department said a middle-aged Ida County man tested positive for the virus, but was not hospitalized and is recovering.

"Other things you can do are making sure the screens are intact in your house to keep mosquitoes outdoors where we want them to be, not indoors with you", Garvey says.

Residents with questions about West Nile can contact the Mosquito Abatement District at 985-643-5050 or 985-893-0818.

This time of year is the most crucial time to get protected from West Nile Virus.

Last year, the state's first human case of West Nile came earlier, confirmed on June 6, IDPH said.

Statewide, the state health department has reported two human cases of the West Nile virus so far this year; Hamilton and Lake counties each had one case. Anyone who thinks they may have West Nile virus should see a health care provider.

The Health Department reminds people that the most effective way of avoiding the disease is to prevent mosquito bites at home and while traveling.

The types of mosquitoes that can carry these viruses are most active throughout the evening and night, from dusk until dawn. In about 1 per cent of cases, people may develop "severe illness including inflammation of the brain or the lining of the brain". He reminded people to wear layers of bug spray, eliminate standing pools of water and use caution when outdoors.

Tires are easily filled with water by rain and collect leaf litter, providing an ideal breeding site for mosquito larvae.

Change water weekly in containers that can not be removed, such as pet dishes or bird baths.