Illinois House Overrides Rauner Veto of 911 Fees

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That raises the question: What is the real deadline for the Legislature to approve a budget and stave off further financial disaster, now that the June 30 deadline has passed and the state has entered its third consecutive year without a real budget?

The Illinois Senate already has passed its own budget plan, and now is waiting on the House to send back a final budget that can go to the governor.

Mr. Madigan said Saturday on the House floor that members will convene again Sunday, but no budget bills will be called before Monday.

IL still doesn't have a budget, but with the fiscal year ending at midnight Friday night, there's something extraordinary out of Springfield: renewed hope of an agreement on end to the historic stalemate.

IL now has $14.7 billion in past-due bills and the state has a $6.2 billion annual deficit from its last budget, passed two years ago. Without a budget soon, the state comptroller will be unable to cover basic services ordered by courts and road construction shuts down.

That would seem to be the earliest the bond rating agencies would lower the boom on IL and throw the state into junk bond status over its incompetent governance.

The measure increased the monthly 911 telephone surcharge to $5 from $3.90 in Chicago and hiked the rate to $1.50 from 87 cents across the rest of the state.

It's been two years since the state has had a fully balanced annual budget.

"I come to you today with great joy, not with regret or despair".

Madigan plans floor votes Wednesday on issues tangential to the budget that Republican Rauner has insisted upon for two years.

"Our side of the aisle is very concerned about what the nation and what will people be thinking about this state", Durkin said.

"What got IL in trouble over the past 12 years was passing spending bills but not tying it to revenue, so we would continue to spend more than the revenue coming in, which put IL in its debt situation", Syverson said. They include cost-cutting changes to workers' compensation, government consolidation and a property tax freeze. They say their plan is balanced - with spending cuts and tax increases.

- State employee pensions would be fully funded. "We're going to save our state together", Rep. Steve Anderson (R-Geneva) said, wearing a blue tie in a show of solidarity with Democrats.

In addition to the budget, the meetings focused on issues demanded by Rauner.