Christ Academy Student Competing in National Spelling Bee

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When it comes to spelling, the silent "P" will get you every time. Each person has a team of seven.

Propper said she reads about three books per month, and is a fan of the Divergent trilogy as well as the works of author James Patterson.

Spelling Bee contestant, five-year-old Edith Fuller seen at the Oklahoma Green Country Regional Spelling Bee in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S. on March 4, 2017.

She said, it's an "amazing experience that gives you the new energy to come back and build a better program". The live spelling portion of the preliminaries continue today with the final rounds set for Thursday. But they are considerably cheaper than the tutors available through Hexco, a Texas-based company that sells books of word lists to bee contestants and, for the last 10 years, has offered personal coaches.

Floridians tend to not be able to spell the word "receipt".

If a speller dabs, drink. When she's home, in addition to having slide races and playing outside, she sometimes has mock spelling bees with two of her younger siblings.

Even if one of the favorites ends up winning, the bee still has plenty of surprises.

But the app is not available this year. More than that, it's made her proud to watch how hard Melinda has worked to prepare for the competition, regardless of whether she becomes one of the 50 finalists. The Winship school librarian, Aaron Noll, is live-tweeting the event from D.C. using the Twitter handle @AaronGNoll.

West Virginia and CT were showoffs with the longest misspelled words, both with "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" as their biggest spelling speed bump, while seven states - Oregon, Idaho, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Rhode Island - had their primary struggles with words that aren't even five letters long.

She added that everyone at her school, including the students she competed against to qualify for the Park Record Bee are rooting for her. Lindsay Shelton-Gross is at left.

"You're going to do really good", Naysa said.

"I don't think I learned about co-champions yet", she said.

Wisconsin may have been the only state this year where the top searched word was the name of the state itself, but last year that honor went to MA (this year the Bay State had trouble with the word "license").

The 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee is kicking off on Wednesday for its 90th competition in which young spellers bout over orthography supremacy. Like South Dakota, which can't spell college, Hawaii, which struggles with people and New Jersey, which just can't seem to get twelve right.