Tom Cruise: 'Top Gun' Sequel Is 'Definitely Happening'

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"It's true, yeah it's true", said Cruise.

Tom Cruise just confirmed that a sequel to his hit movie Top Gun is in the works!

Cruise made the announcement Wednesday in response to questions from anchors on the Australian morning news show "Sunrise". He also said the plan is to start filming "probably in the next year". Rest assured, he wants everyone to know "it is definitely happening".

Get ready to enter the danger zone for the second time, people! He added, "It's definitely happening".

The "Top Gun" sequel has always been a goal for producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Cruise, who shot to worldwide stardom as hot-shot pilot Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.

In 2016, Cruise addressed rumors about a sequel on the U.K.'s "The Graham Norton Show".

"Top Gun" producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a photo with Cruise last week, captioning it as the 31st anniversary of the opening day of "Top Gun".

Top Gun, an action and romance film about a squad of fighter pilots, grossed $356 million after its 1986 release, and has since become something of a cult classic.