Twin Peaks - Five Questions About the New Third Season

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Ahead of the new series' debut on US's Showtime at 9pm today (local time, 1pm New Zealand time), the cast and creators have closely guarded the details of the new season. The sight of numerous familiar Twin Peaks locations hits you like a warm hug and it's genuinely emotional when we start to meet some of the townsfolk we know and love.

Who killed Laura Palmer?

Check them out below (obviously via Reverb).

The cable network Showtime aired parts one and two of a new 18-episode run of the famously surreal series in perhaps the most eagerly anticipated television event of the year, making parts three and four available on demand immediately after.

There have been few clues about what we can we can expect.

First, there's a man named Sam (Benjamin Rosenfield) in New York City tasked with sitting in a basement and staring at a glass box for hours on end.

Welcome back Twin Peaks, it's been too long. The intensity and bloodthirstiness of Fire Walk With Me is present again in the first two parts. There was no cherry pie, and only talk of coffee but none in sight. (The installment runs 18 hours in total.) The puzzle-box shows that Twin Peaks begat-most notably at this moment, The Leftovers, the best show now airing-tend to be made with a certain confidence. But it is essentially Lynch's dream world, where he plays with the subconscious thoughts and ideas of "Twin Peaks", and where characters seem to pass through life and death and, as the title suggests, to somewhere beyond those states. But there is never a sense that you are watching something devoid of vision or intention.

Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost are back at the helm after teaming up with U.S. network Showtime. And to understand "Twin Peaks", you need to know what's in the Red Room.

And then there's Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), who's been missing ever since he went to the Black Lodge.

Original architects Mark Frost and David Lynch co-wrote this new series, with Lynch directing, surely guaranteeing that "Twin Peaks" Redux will replicate its predecessor's Lynchian mix of the macabre, campiness and conspicuous obscurity. Twin Peaks's first go-round catalyzed fans by using the tools of surrealism to tell a fascinating, sometimes heartbreaking story. Over half of it wasn't even set in Twin Peaks. The answer is: we still don't know WTF is going on at any point during a Twin Peaks episode.

Way back when. "Twin Peaks" ended 25 years ago on a cliffhanger when agent Dale Cooper became possessed by an evil spirit, named Bob.

The story Twin Peaks review: something wicked this way comes first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald. The premium network will air Episode #1.1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, the first of 18 episodes running through September 3rd (it looks like Episodes 17 and 18 are playing back-to-back).