Venom Movie Casts Tom Hardy as Spider-Man Villain

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Tom Hardy gave us a pretty memorable - and quotable - turn as DC Comics villain Bane. In the comics, Brock was a Daily Bugle journalist and rival to Peter Parker, but he fell prey to Venom after coming in contact with an alien parasite brought to Earth by, who else, Spider-Man. Additionally, Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer will helm the project, marking his first feature-length directorial gig since 2013's Gangster Squad. Topher Grace played the character in Spider-Man 3 against Tobey Maguire, but less said about that, the better.

Soon after reports began surfacing, Sony confirmed the news by taking to Twitter and posting a picture of Hardy rocking a Venom T-shirt. Still, industry observers were surprised that Sony placed "Venom" on its schedule of upcoming releases, slating it for October 5, 2018.

Venom is to usher in a host of movies from Sony's Marvel and Spider-Man-based universe of characters.

Tom Hardy must hate his face.

With Spider-Man enjoying a successful big screen career in the MCU, #SonyPictures is working hard on kickstarting its very own Spider-Man-inspired cinematic universe. It's still uncertain at this point in time whether his archrival Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming) or by an older actor, will make any sort of appearance in this upcoming venture. Still, the decision not to have Spider-Man involved is one that we can't quite get over.

What is particularly fascinating about this film is that it isn't a spin-off of Spider-Man as many had originally speculated.

What's even more exciting than Hardy himself stepping back into the villain role, however, is the simple fact that this shows a major step forward for the actual production of the movie.