Pence: US Won't Rest Until North Korea Gives Up Nuclear Weapons

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U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence is travelling to Japan for talks expected to focus largely on trade with America's anchor ally in the region.

The visit follows Pence's trip to South Korea, where he warned that the "era of strategic patience is over," referring to the doctrine advocated by Trump's predecessor Barack Obama in dealing with Pyongyang.

However, US President Donald Trump made a decision to pull out of the deal, saying it was bad for American workers.

With a USA aircraft carrier group steaming to the area in a show of force, fears of a confrontation have been rising.

The Trump administration is hoping that China will help rein in North Korea in exchange for other considerations.

A senior North Korean official said Monday that the US has created "a risky situation in which a thermonuclear war may break out at any minute". He did not comment on what might have caused the missile to fail. At the same time, a way must be found to restore stability to Northeast Asia by involving China, which maintains substantial leverage over North Korea. You read Clinton's book and he said, 'Oh, we made such a great peace deal, ' and it was a joke.

One main reason for the press conference was to "categorically reject" the USA decision to hold an open meeting of the UN Security Council on April 28 on North Korea's nuclear program, which is expected to be chaired by U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, AP quoted Kim as saying.

Unlike Obama, however, Trump has chose to confront this threat head-on, dispatching what he called a "very powerful" armada to the Korean Peninsula as a sign of strength and a show of solidarity with the United States' allies in the region, South Korea and Japan. North Korea's vice foreign minister Han Song Ryol told BBC that missiles will be tested weekly. South Korea hosts 28,500 U.S. troops to counter the threat from the North.

U.S. defence Secretary Jim Mattis said North Korea's latest failed missile launch was a reckless act of provocation.

"It shows why we are working so closely right now with the try to get this under control and aim for the denuclearised Korean peninsula", he said.

North Korea's representative to the United Nations, Kim In-ryong, condemned the US missile attacks on Syria, saying that it was "disturbing global peace and stability and insisting on gangster-like logic".

Pence also reassured Japan of American commitment to reining in North Korea's nuclear and missile ambitions on Tuesday, after warning that USA strikes in Syria and Afghanistan showed the strength of its resolve.

North Korea showed off an array of weapons including missiles in a military parade Saturday before an unsuccessful ballistic missile test the following day.

President Donald Trump has already dispatched the USS Carl Vinson, powered by nuclear reactors, carrying nearly 100 aircraft and accompanied by destroyers, a cruiser, and a submarine to the region, reported the Daily Mail of UK. All along, the goal has been to induce North Korea to open up to the outside world and roll back its nuclear and missile programs.

The loss of USA participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership was a blow to Japan following strenuous negotiations, especially over opening its long-protected farm sector to more imports, especially of dairy and meat products.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed concerns about the "tense" situation, calling for calm and efforts to find "opportunities and possibilities for dialogue".