Jordan Protesting Israel's Infringing on Its Citizen's Right to Stab

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Samri said the officer responded by opening fire and killing his attacker, a 57-year-old man from Jordan who arrived several days earlier on a tourist visa.

Israeli police said a Jordanian tourist was shot dead after he stabbed and injured a police officer in East Jerusalem's Old City on Saturday. Closed circuit footage released by police shows a bald man in a jacket lunging at the uniformed officer and swiping a knife at him before pinning him to the ground.

"The Israeli government as the occupying power bears responsibility over the shooting of a Jordanian citizen in occupied eastern Jerusalem today that caused his martyrdom", al Momani told Jordanian state news agency Petra.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bureau called the Jordanian minister's statement "outrageous", saying it amounted to an expression of support for a terrorist attack. Just like Israel condemns terrorist attacks in Jordan, Jordan must condemn terrorist attacks in Israel.

There was no comment from either the Jordanian or Palestinian side on the report. Seven Israelis have been killed by Palestinians during the same time period. Israel has identified a lot of them as attackers.

Israel says the violence is fueled by a Palestinian campaign of incitement.

According to Ma'an documentation, the Palestinian was the 22nd to have been killed by Israelis since the beginning of the year.

U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to try and broker a historic peace deal to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.