New Secret Service director expected to be named

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President Trump has chosen Randolph "Tex" Alles to lead the U.S. Secret Service, turning to an outsider to head the beleaguered agency tasked with protecting the president and his family. He now serves as the acting deputy commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection. Alles has also led the Air and Marine Operations division of the customs agency, which has more than 1,000 agents, according to the agency's website.

Alles, a retired Marine two-star general, now serves as acting deputy commissioner of Customs and Border Protection.

The troubled Secret Service, which has been in the news for a number of embarrassing and alarming blunders, is about to get a new leader. Minutes later, the White House released the formal announcement confirming the appointment.

After a series of embarrassing incidents during the Obama administration and no signs of improvement under President Donald Trump, the United States Secret Service will go in a different direction with their new director - hiring from outside the agency for the first time in modern history. "I look forward to working with General Alles in continuing to implement recommendations put forth in our bipartisan Committee report".

William Callahan, a Secret Service veteran who has been acting director since Clancy stepped down, returned to his position as the agency's deputy director after Alles was named.

Alles served for 35 years in the military before retiring.

The Secret Service has meted out discipline against multiple agents in recent years for instances of security breaches on the White House grounds and improper behavior by agents during overseas trips.

The Secret Service director does not need to be confirmed by the Senate.