Facts about Justice Neil Gorsuch and the Supreme Court

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The first ceremony took place privately in the Justices' Conference Room, with Chief Justice John Roberts administering the oath required by the Constitution.

"As it now stands, most court watchers think it's likely that a justice is writing a dissent from denial of cert", said Ms. Smith.

Gorsuch's appointment comes after a long, bitter fight in the United States Senate.

Donald Trump revelled in the biggest political victory of his presidency at a White House ceremony on Monday in which his Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch was sworn in, poised to make an instant impact on a court once again dominated by conservatives.

Then the newest, youngest (at 49) member of the court can get to work, and he faces a heavy workload.

The Colorado Supreme Court last August declined to review the case, agreeing with a Colorado Court of Appeals decision that said the shop could continue to enforce its religious beliefs, but not while operating as a business in Colorado. There are petitions to consider, which could lead to new cases next term on guns, voting rights and same-sex marriage.

Gorsuch was confirmed by a 54-45 vote after Senate Republicans broke a Democratic filibuster by changing - in a simple majority vote -- a longstanding rule and lowered the threshold for confirmation of Supreme Court nominees ... to a simple majority vote. The committee advanced his nomination (11-9) on Monday, April 3, and McConnell moved immediately the following day to end floor debate on his nomination.

Three and a half years later, Democrats have threatened to filibuster the nomination of Gorsuch, President Trump's pick for the nation's highest court. He blocked a confirmation hearing for Obama's nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, preserving the vacancy and giving conservative voters another reason to side with Trump in last year's election.

Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as the next Supreme Court Justice on Monday morning, an ascension to the high court bench that President Donald Trump touted as one of his first major domestic successes. Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom Gorsuch once clerked, administered the federal judicial oath. Law firm partner. Justice Department official.

The latest target of "manterruption" accusations is the U.S. Supreme Court.

"I've always heard that the most important thing that a President of the United States does is appoint people - hopefully great people like this appointment - to the United States Supreme Court".

Obama was able to win confirmation of only 22 judges during the final two years of his term, when Republicans controlled the Senate, leaving 50 nominations pending when he left office.

Among the possibilities is the case involving the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, whose owner, Jack Phillips, has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review his case after a lower court ruled that Phillips discriminated against a gay couple who wanted a wedding cake in 2012. Those could include cases ranging from a fair housing dispute in Miami to a cross-border shooting on the Mexican border in Arizona.

The biggest case still looming involves Trinity Lutheran Church in Missouri, which had sought money to renovate its playground from a state program created to improve park safety for children. The oral argument has been delayed for months, signifying a likely deadlock among the eight justices.